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Roberta Gambarini Quartet

This upcoming album will be a celebration of life, resilience, the ever lasting power of Love, and of everything that is light, joyful and beautiful. In my two-decades plus of life on the road, I have  experienced so much. I have seen so many wonderful different parts of the world, met so many people, made new friends, and most of all, I got to share music with incredible musicians, and the best audiences! The Roberta Gambarini Quartet is a safe space, a music laboratory, and at the same time, it is like home to me. It's the place where I am free  to pour my heart out with the help of the amazing musicians, whom I feel so happy and honoured to call my friends. 

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Through the years, I  was so fortunate to tour the world with many of the greatest Jazz players ever. Some of them are not with us anymore, but their Spirit certainly is: Masters James Moody, Jimmy Cobb, Jake Hanna, Ronnie Matthews, Jimmy Woode, Johnny Griffin, Jimmy Heath, Clark Terry, Roy Hargrove, Frank Wess. Not only they were true  music legends: they were exceptional, unique human beings whose hearts were HUGE and whose personalities were larger than life-truly unique individuals  full of wit, generosity, and soul. I think of them every day- their teachings, humour and hearts are what keeps inspiring me. And I think of my beloved Dad every day. He introduced me to the music of Duke, Basie, Ella, and Carmen before I could even speak. He is not with me anymore, but his spirit certainly is, as is the spirit of all of the beautiful, gentle musical Giants I was so fortunate to walk among. This album celebrates the enduring power of family, friendship and hope, the force that drives us through life's  inevitable ups and downs, and the living memory of all that is true and good. 

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