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"Easy To Love" 2023 Limited Audiophile Signature Edition


I am happy and proud to announce that the Easy to Love Limited Audiophile Signature Edition Vinyl is available for purchase! We have put a lot of love and care in the re-issue  of the album that started it all for me, and that got so much love through the years. I hope you’ll like the new packaging, which has maintained and expanded the original graphics and scenic pictures. That gorgeous place on the cover is Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur btw…one of my favorite spots on Earth.

Upcoming recordings!


We are working on the final details for the release of not one, but three brand new recording projects!!

First in line is a collaboration with Grammy Award winner pianist-composer-conductor Pablo Ziegler, one of the Greats of New Tango (and part of the legendary Astor Piazzolla Group), but also an amazing jazz pianist and arranger.

Back in the studio with the RG Quartet


The new album of the Roberta Gambarini Quartet is  in the making, and it will feature my musical family and friends, the musicians with whom I keep making music and traveling the world, plus some very special guests that I will announce soon! Keep checking this space for up-to-date news of concerts, and release schedule.



It has been my lifelong dream to record with a full symphonic orchestra a program of arrangement expressly created for me. To prove that dreams DO come true,  here we are now, putting the finishing touches on my dream project, arranged and conducted by the amazing composer and arranger Duccio Bertini. I am so inspired by the purity, the power and the sonic beauty of the Tuscany Symphony Orchestra, and the result exceeded my best hopes and expectations. I can't wait to share this music with all of you!! Keep in touch

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