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Blues Porteño

Love Letters from Buenos Aires

We are working on the final details for the release of not one, but three brand new recording projects!! First in line is a collaboration with Grammy Award winner pianist-composer-conductor Pablo Ziegler, one of the Greats of New Tango ( and part of the legendary Astor Piazzolla Group), but also an amazing jazz pianist and arranger. This project makes me so happy and proud. We fused New Tango with Jazz improvisation, exploring the heart and soul of song through lyrics sung in Spanish and English, and adding instrumental-like vocal improvisation to the ensemble. I was so deeply moved by the beauty of Pablo’s compositions. From the first time I listened to his tunes, it was love at first sound. Gorgeous melodies, fierce grooves, passion, virtuosity, tenderness…this music runs the gamut of life’s emotions. 

Pablo Ziegler’s Band features some of the greatest Argentinean musicians in the world, and it’s nothing short of spectacular. Pablo’s vision, arrangements and immaculate playing were such a thrill to experience! And I contributed to the lyrics by penning English words to his melody “Blues Porteño”, a love song to the city of Buenos Aires and to the intimacy of the blues. In this album you will also hear an unusual take of Astor Piazzolla’s classic “Oblivion”, just piano and voice. Stay tuned for the release schedule, plus audio and video clips, and upcoming tour dates!

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